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Our Year In Thailand!

Can you believe that I’ve been in Thailand for over a year already! I literally can’t believe it, in some ways it feels a lot longer and in some it feels like I only left a few months ago!

This has got to be one of the craziest years of my life, full of highs and lows, so in this post I thought I would give a little diary of the things I’ve done this year! I’ll include other posts I’ve written and even a few YouTube videos thrown in! So sit down with a brew and a biscuit because this is going to be a long one!

21st January 2018


Our adventure started in Manchester Airport, very early in the morning. After an emotional goodbye we boarded the plane to Chiang Mai! (Look how baby we look!)

22nd January 2018


We arrived in Thailand! We stayed in a beautiful resort and the day after Skye left to do some training in Phuket!

Blog- We made it!

YouTube- Arriving in Chiang Mai! Night Market, House Tour, Cabaret

31st January 2018


We moved to our new place in Chiang Mai which is my favourite! Check out the YouTube video if you want to see our gorgeous house!

YouTube- New House Tour! Chiang Mai, Thailand!

9th February 2018


We moved down to start our new adventure in Hua Hin (about 3 hours away from Bangkok). 

YouTube- House Tour #3, First Week in Hua Hin, Thailand

21st February 2018

Our first little roadtrip to Pala U Waterfall! It was an amazing day and we really enjoyed it!

YouTube- Thailand Vlog, Pala-U Waterfall & 2 Days in Bangkok

Blog- Pala-U Waterfall

27th March


We were lucky enough to stay at Anantara Hua Hin, a beautiful resort in the little town we lived in. Skye’s mum surprised us for a few days and we had an amazing time!

YouTube- Thailand Vlog | Anantara Hua Hin, Grand Canyon Water Park & Maerim Elephant Sanctuary!

Blog- An Amazing Week in Thailand!

3rd April 2018


We travelled to Chiang Mai to visit Skye’s mum and we were lucky enough to visit an elephant sanctuary. This is Maerim Elephant Sanctuary and was the first time I went (I’ve now been 3 times!) It was such an amazing trip!

YouTube- Thailand Vlog | Anantara Hua Hin, Grand Canyon Water Park & Maerim Elephant Sanctuary!

Blog- An Amazing Week in Thailand!

13th April


Songkran 2018! We had such an amazing time in Hua Hin celebrating Songkran- Thai New Year. I loved the video I made from this!

YouTube- Songkran 2018!

13th May 2018


We went to Phraya Nakhon Cave which is a huuuge trek up to a cave with a temple inside. It was a truly beautiful day even though it was very sweaty!

Blog- Phraya Nakhon Caves

YouTube- Thailand Vlog | Phraya Nakhon Caves, Black Mountain Waterpark

13th June 2018


We moved to Bangkok on this day! And then the day after we went to Kuala Lumpur for the first time! (We’ve also been there 3 times!) Although we had a visa fail we had a really great time!

Blog- Visa Run FAIL in Kuala Lumpur

End of June


The lowest point of my year. I lost my Grandad at the end of June this year. I was devastated that I couldn’t be there. On the day of his funeral I went to Wat Arun and said goodbye which was beautiful.


17th July 2018

We travelled down to Phuket for my birthday this year. We stayed in the gorgeous Anantara and did a lot of exploring whilst we were there!

Blog- Phuket Day 1

Phuket Day 2

My stay at Anantara Vacation Club Mai Khao, Phuket

27th August- 10th September 2018

My family came to visit me in August and it was amazing! We visited Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket and I was so happy to show them around!

October 2018

In October of this year I did the 31 Days of Halloween challenge again! I really enjoyed it this year and I’m really proud of the results!

Blog- 31 Days of Halloween is Over!

21st November 2018

We came back up to Chiang Mai for Skye’s birthday and luckily we got here in time for the Lantern Festival which was absolutely insane! One of my favourite things I’ve done this year!

Blog- Life Update! Yee Ping Festival + Moving to Chiang Mai

5th December 2018

We drove up to Chiang Mai with all of our gear and a kitty! We left our lives in Bangkok and moved in with Skye’s parents in Chiang Mai. Back to my favourite house in Thailand!

12th December 2018

We drove up to Chiang Rai! We stayed in the amazing Anantara hotel too which was incredible! We visited the White Temple which was even more impressive than I thought!

Blog- The White Temple, Chiang Rai

25th December 2018


Christmas Day was crazy this year! We swam in the pool, ate an unusual Christmas Dinner and it was a good day. But I really missed my family this year! We also got a new cat called Tinks!


17th January 2018


To end a great year my friends visited on their way to Australia! We had a great time and now they’ve swanned off to have an amazing year in Australia.


If you got to the end of this ridiculously long post, well done! I hope you liked seeing a little run down of everything that happened in my life this year and honestly it was great to go back through all my photos and memories again!

Let me know what your goals are in 2019! Any travel plans or lifestyle plans, I’d love to know!

Stay Happy!




2 thoughts on “Our Year In Thailand!”

  1. Amazing year in review! Except for the losing your grandpa part, that is. I’m really sorry to hear that. 😦

    By the way, I’m just curious, were you working in Thailand? Or were you on a tourist visa? I think it’s awesome that you got to stay for a year or so! My visa was only valid for 30 days when I went! K’s was 90 days, I think? We have different passports though.

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