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Doi Inthanon, Chiang Mai

Last week Skye and I took a trip up to Doi Inthanon which is the highest peak in Thailand. It’s about 1 hour 30 minutes – 2 hours outside of Chiang Mai but half of the roads are steep hills. We took a motorbike but you could take a car (I’d advise against it though if you get travel sick!) We also saw bikers riding up there too which was crazy!

We paid 300 baht each to get into the National Park and then it was an extra 40 baht each to get to the pagodas. It is a beautiful park, full of flowers and greenery. If you come at the right time of year it also has cherry blossom but unfortunately we missed it by a couple of weeks!


We took the escalator (thank god) up to the top of the Queen’s pagoda first and went inside. It’s covered in beautiful stone carvings and has a statue in the middle. The ceilings are painted too and around the room are descriptions and stories of each picture and carving. The King’s pagoda is the same too.



We then explored the gardens next to the Queen’s pagoda. It was full of flowers and the view off the edge was quite something. Unfortunately because it is burning season here in Chiang Mai a lot of the scenery was obscured by smoke and fog so we couldn’t see as far as I would’ve liked. We will have to come back when the air is cleaner!

The weather though was amazing. I came in a jumper and some leggings because on the bike the wind is quite cold and the temperature was just right. Because we’re so high up the air is crisp and the wind is cool. We were saying it reminded us of being in somewhere like Southport in England on a nice summers day. It made me really miss home!


I could’ve easily stayed there all day and watched the world go by but we wanted to explore some waterfalls before we had to go home. We had some food (lots of Thai food at the top) and started back down the hill. We came to a turn off that said there was a waterfall. We ended up on quite a bumpy and rocky road so becareful if you’re not used to riding a bike on those roads.

It went on for quite some time before coming to a fork. One waterfall was to the right and one was straight ahead. We went straight ahead and parked up our bike. If I’m correct this waterfall was called Mae Pan Waterfall. It wasn’t very busy at all, only one other bike was there when we arrived. We started the hike to the waterfall which was only challenging in that there isn’t much of a path. There’s also lots of rocks you have to clamber over and at one point we weren’t even sure we were going the right way! Eventually we made it after about 20 minutes of walking and the waterfall was amazing. I’ve only ever seen one before in Thailand and this one was crazy! It cascaded from the top and formed little pools of water as it fell and then it did it again going right down the cliff. Luckily we were also the only ones there.

You can hike right to the top of the waterfall too but we decided against it and just chilled at this part. We took some photos and I attempted to go in but it was so unbelievably cold! I could’ve stayed there all day too as it was so peaceful but we had to be getting home so we hiked back up to our bike. By this time more and more people were coming down so I’m guessing the afternoon is about the time it starts to get busy.

We then started the descent back down to the ground. The ride was awesome and has a good view of the countryside of Chiang Mai. There’s also some rice terraces we drove past which looked amazing! I wish we could’ve stayed and explored for longer but we had to be heading back. It’s somewhere I definitely want to go to again and you can always camp overnight at one of the many campsites!

I really recommend this place if you’re staying in Chiang Mai, I think it’s worth the money and you can spend a whole day up here easily! I’d also suggest doing it on your own instead of with a tour just because you have the freedom then to do as you please!

I hope you liked this blog post, let me know if you’ve ever been here before, or know now that you would like to go!

Stay Happy!


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