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Second-Hand Shopping in Chiang Mai!

Shopping for clothes in a new country can be hard. I’ve figured that out over the past year I’ve been here! They do have western shops here such as H&M, Topshop and plenty of others but for somewhere where everything else is so cheap I hate splashing the cash on clothes now! I used to be a serial shopper in England but that’s all changed and I’ve hardly bought clothes since I’ve been here!

So we decided to start looking at some vintage/second-hand shops around Chiang Mai and woah there are millions! We spent a day looking and feel as though we only scratched the surface of the second-hand shops here in Chiang Mai!

So today I thought I’d show you the shops that we discovered and what we got from them! This is great if you’re just looking for some cheap holiday clothes whilst you’re here or are looking for some bargains!

Levi’s Lee Edwin Wrangler Vintage Shop

We found this place on Google I think but we weren’t expecting this shop at all! We walked inside and came face to face with hundreds of denim clothes from jeans and shorts to jackets. I’ve never seen anything like it! A few weeks ago I’d been looking for a Levi’s jacket and struggled – now I know where they all are!

Skye tried on a few jackets and I tried on a few pairs of shorts. The woman working was very helpful and didn’t follow us around like I know a lot of places do! They also have a changing room which a lot of places don’t have! The only thing wrong with it was it was so hot, which is to be expected in this weather! But just bear it in mind when you go to try denim on!

We also thought the prices would be quite high but they were actually quite reasonable. I bought a pair of Levi’s denim shorts and Skye bought a Lee’s jacket. My shorts were 200 baht (£4.75) and Skye’s jacket was 400 baht (£9.50).

No Clue


Don’t ask me where this shop is because I have no clue! We found it as we were walking back to our bike from the Levi’s shop. There are loads of stores like this and I went inside this one because of the dresses outside. It was full of clothes inside, a lot of dresses, but nothing I was really looking for. That’s when I saw a Stitch t-shirt on the wall. I’m obsessed with all things Stitch so I knew I had to get it. It had a few stains but they all came out in the wash! He wanted 190 baht for it but we managed to get him down to 150 baht (£3.60).




It’s a really nice fit and really comfy – perfect for a pyjama top!

Clothes Dumpster


We found this place on Google when we were looking for second-hand clothes shops and came across this shop called Clothes Dumpster. We didn’t expect what we found at all! We entered the place and it was enormous with clothes everywhere. It truly looked like a clothes dumpster. There were huge containers full of random pieces of clothing, rails covered with more and shelves full of shoes. It was crazy and I’d never seen anything like it!

You had to walk into the containers and rummage around in all the different clothes. I thought this was actually going to be pretty gross and dirty but it was really clean and I wasn’t grossed out at all! They have people working and sorting through all the clothes the whole time which is great. I felt very welcomed by staff even though we were the only westerners there.

I wasn’t sure what to make of all the different clothes and whether there would actually be anything nice here. If you’re coming here for vintage designer clothes, this isn’t the place for you. We found the occasional Nike and other popular brands but that’s all. They’re mostly just t-shirts, shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, even underwear and swimming costumes (steer clear!). You can even buy a second-hand wedding dress! What’s amazing though are the prices!

Skye bought 10 t-shirts for 200 baht (£4.80) so that’s about 50p a t-shirt! He also bought an extra top for 30 baht (70p). They weren’t anything special but for that price you can’t really go wrong! Check out the ones he bought.

I also bought 10 t-shirts/tops but instead mine were 10 for 100 baht! That’s £2.40 for 10 t-shirts! Now they’re nothing special and mostly just t-shirts and vests but who can resist a bargain! Check out what I found!

So I usually wear black clothes but I chose full blown colours this time! Probably because I knew it wouldn’t be expensive so I could try something new. There’s nowhere to try on any of these clothes so I just grabbed what I liked and took it with me! This was all the clothes before I washed them so now I’ll show you what they look like on!


These 4 t-shirts are actually ones that Skye picked up for himself. They’re just plain t-shirts but when we got home they didn’t fit right so I stole them back! I might leave them as t-shirts like this or I might do some DIY on them!

(Also ignore my bandage on my leg – I burnt myself!)

I grabbed 3 vests. The black and white is my favourite as the grey one is a little bit too small and the orange one is a bit big. I’ll still probably wear all three anyways! I’m always looking for more vests to wear in this heat!

2 more tops! I love the yellow one because I’ve never really owned anything that colour before and the Anchor one is slightly cropped and super thin so feels really nice on!


And lastly is the cardigan and a long-sleeved top. The cardigan is so nice for in the evenings in Chiang Mai when it gets a little colder because it’s quite thin and nice to go out in instead of me wearing a hoodie. And the long-sleeved top I can wear in the evenings too and I really liked the colour!

Love 70s

We also checked out one more shop. We’ve been here before and if you love the 70s vintage style you will love it in here! It’s a bit more pricy than other shops but they have lots of selection. They also have a second shop filled up down the road. Unfortunately we didn’t find anything we liked here!

I hope you liked this little haul of clothes that we found at some second-hand shops. Altogether we spent 1,050 baht (£25) on these clothes and we got a jacket, a pair of shorts, a cardigan and 20 t-shirts! That’s crazy!

I think if you’re here on holiday and for some reason you need some cheap clothes that you can just leave behind or you might be here for a while and just want a bit of a change then I highly recommend second-hand shopping! If you’re on a budget it just makes it that much easier to get new clothes! We’ll definitely be back to all of these places but I think I might have to get rid of some clothes first!

I hope you liked this post, different to my usual but I really enjoyed doing this because I love shopping and more importantly finding bargains! Let me know if you’d like to see some DIYs of the tops I bought!

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Stay Happy!


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