Ocean Mimic

I recently followed a profile on Instagram called Ocean Mimic. I loved their photos and Instagram and the more I looked into it the more intrigued I became.

Before I start I just have to say that this is not a paid advertisement. I’m choosing to do this blog post to spread awareness of their campaign because I believe what they’re doing is amazing and I know a lot more people should know about it!

So, living in Thailand, I know first hand how single-use plastic is ruining beautiful places all over the world. Ignorance and carelessness ruin the most stunning places and it’s getting out of hand. Eventually our children won’t be able to visit these places because there will be nothing left of them because of all the trash.

One of the worst places this occurs is in our oceans. Trash fails to make it to landfill and ends up in our oceans or even the people visiting the beaches will leave their rubbish behind. This is devastating when you’re visiting these places but it’s even more devastating for the animals living in our oceans.


Ocean Mimic have a Kickstarter page that I will link here.

Ocean Mimic is a recycled swimwear collection for men and women to power a movement to protect our oceans. We are trying to solve the complex plastic issue at the source while cleaning up the mess by developing a one-of-a-kind clean up community.”

They have created a vibrant collection of recycled swimwear inspired by creatures or plastic found in the ocean. It’s inspired by the Mimic Octopus that imitates other creatures in the ocean to outsmart its predators. They’ve created some beautiful designs and the swimsuits look stunning!

All of their swimsuits are made from carvico vita which is a fabric made of recycled plastic and fishing nets. The material is stretchy, soft and breathable with factor 50 UV protection.

And the best part?! For every $10 you spend on a product they will collect 1kg of trash from beaches and oceans!


Ocean Mimic is based in Bali where 65,000 tonnes of trash fail to make it to landfill everyday, ending up in the oceans and on beaches instead. Indonesia is the second-largest contributor to ocean plastic, responsible for dumping 3.2 million tonnes a year, 90 tonnes every minute!

“Beach clean-ups drive awareness and empower a community to recognize that when united we all have the ability to be a part of a movement bigger than ourselves. Not only are they inspiring to the individual but they start a conversation and they are powerful tools to spread awareness.”


If their Kickstarter is a success they will be boosting beach clean-ups to the next level and launching them worldwide. If they get enough funding they will also develop an app to track the clean-ups so you see exactly where your trash was collected from and even who by.


Now, as I said, this isn’t a paid advertisement but it’s a project that I really want to get behind and I would never tell you guys to back something if I didn’t believe in it myself. So I donated £10 to Ocean Mimic towards their campaign.


I really wish it could be more because their different perks for how much you donate sound amazing. So please donate as much as you can, even if it’s just a few spare pounds, every little helps!

“Ocean Mimic’s mission is to create an empowered community inspired to protect and restore the oceans. Our swimwear helps to fund this mission and we hope the designs inspire us to protect the beauty found in our oceans. Remember – it all starts with you.”

Here is another link to their Kickstarter page. Make sure you head over and check it out!

Stay Happy!


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