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May Goals

It’s been a long time since I did something about my goals! I’ve been pretty busy and neglected my blog for a long time so I’m ready to get back into it! I know it’s not always about the numbers but I like to set myself a goal that I can strive towards. So I’m starting from the beginning and just giving myself some goals for this month!


Just Sarah’s Vlogs

Currently- 310 subscribers

Goal- 315 subscribers

I’ve kept this still a small goal because I’m not very active on my YouTube Channel. I really want to start it back up but that’s for another day!


Just Sarah’s Blog

Currently- 868 followers

Goal- 900 followers

I haven’t been very active on Twitter for a while now and I know it takes a while to build back up so I’ve kept this goal really small!


Just Sarah’s Blog

Currently- 109 likes

Goal- 115 likes

Just Sarah’s Vlogs

Currently- 66 likes

Goal- 70 likes

My blog Facebook actually grew quite a lot over my break which is amazing! I’ve kept the goals quite small still but I’m really hoping these will grow because Facebook is one of my main sources of views.



Currently- 1370 followers

Goal- 1400 followers

My Instagram grew so much over the past few months. Still a small goal this month because the follow-unfollow thing is still going strong.


Just Sarah’s Blog

Currently- 202 followers

Goal- 220 followers

A small one for this month to get rolling again!

So these are my goals for May! Let’s see what we can achieve!

Stay Happy!



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