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A Weekend in Pai

Last weekend we took an impromptu trip to Pai! I’ve wanted to go for such a long time, it’s even on my bucketlist for this year! I was delighted when our friends invited us along for a weekend trip. We set off from Chiang Mai on Saturday morning and it took us about 3 and a half hours. I was actually dreading the trip because I get travel sick and there are 762 turns on the way to Pai! So on Friday I went to the pharmacy to see if they could help and they gave me some tablets to try called Stugeron. I took one half an hour before getting in the car and I didn’t feel a thing on the road! It was actually pretty amazing! They did make me feel a bit drowsy though so I just slept a lot of the time. I would highly recommend Stugeron if you get motion sick, they were only 40 baht for a packet from any pharmacy in Thailand.

When we arrived in Pai we went straight into town to rent two scooters. We just went to a random place and hired two Scoopi’s for two days at 100 baht (£2.50) each day! They weren’t great scooters so please make sure you can actually ride a motorbike before renting because we saw a lot of people who didn’t know how to drive and it was dangerous for everyone involved.


We then drove the 5 minutes from town to our accommodation, Baan Kung Kang De Pai. I’d only seen a few photos of it online and didn’t realise how big it would be! There was a cute cafe with ice cream and coffee at the front of the drive way and then we passed huge gorgeous gardens on the way to the reception. The pool was amazing with the best view of the mountains and the big Buddha. All the accomodation was split into little houses with 4 rooms in each. Each house was painted a bright colour. There was a windmill too and a huge field which had been harvested. The whole thing was amazing to look at! And it was only 1100 baht for two nights which is about £13 a night!

We dropped our bags and chilled in the pool before getting ready to go out that night. We rode into the tiny town and wandered around. We found the river and took some photos on the bridge. But because it is summer here in Thailand the river was quite low and dry compared to usual.

We then looked for some food. There are so many street food stalls down the main street surrounded by other market stalls selling everything. There was Mexican food, Indian food, Thai food and American food. And they all looked hygienic and clean which is amazing! I decided on a vegetarian quesadilla and it was incredible! I actually had that on both nights because it was that good. And it was only 70 baht (£1.70!)

We then went to Boom Bar and played some beer pong and listened to the live music which was cool! Afterwards we moved on to a bar called Hakuna Matata which had free flourescent body painting which was awesome! We chilled there and then went back to Boom Bar that was now heaving! I think that’s the most popular bar in Pai for sure! Afterwards we went back home so we could get up early to explore.

The next morning we drove around the loop that surrounds Pai on our bikes. We ended up at the Hot Springs which we paid 300 baht to get into the national park. We thought it was a bit much, especially when there isn’t loads to do there really. There’s the pools you can go into which go up to 38 degrees and then the pool you can’t go near as it is 80 degrees! It was cool to see but we don’t think it was 300 bahts worth.

On the loop we stopped off at the Pai Memorial Bridge which was built in World War II by the Japanese Army. It’s a historical reminder of what happened during the war and has beautiful views over the river.

We then carried on and ended up at the Land Split. It was caused by an earthquake in 2008 that split a farmers land in two. More earthquakes in 2009 and 2011 caused the split to get even bigger to what you can see now! The owner has now turned his farm into a tourist attraction so he can sell the produce he grows on his farm. It’s free to have a look around but it’s nice to buy something from him in return. I bought some peanuts but you can also get Roselle juice and jam and lots of other goodies!

We were dying of the heat so we went back to our hotel and chilled by the pool before going out again. Sarah and I went shopping whilst the boys went for a massage. There’s some gorgeous handmade things to buy in Pai and it was nice seeing everything. We then had some food and had a few drinks before heading back to our hotel. We were shattered so headed to bed!

The next morning we went to try to find somewhere to eat for breakfast. We tried a few different places before finding one in town that did English breakfasts which was actually amazing! We wanted to do some exploring but the smog was pretty back so there wasn’t much of a view so we relaxed in the pool before we had to leave for our long journey back!


Everything in Pai was better than I expected it to be for sure! Apparently it’s even nicer in November when everything’s more green. When we went all of the rice fields had been harvested and they were still burning a lot of crops which wasn’t great. But I loved the accomodation that we stayed in and the whole vibe of Pai is so relaxed and chilled, it was a lovely place to have a holiday. I highly recommend Pai if you’re ever in the North of Thailand!


I hope you liked this post!

Stay Happy!


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