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Cloud9 Cafe, Chiang Mai

Recently we took a trip to Cloud9 Cafe in Hang Dong down from Chiang Mai. I’d seen this cafe all over instagram and knew I needed to take a trip!

I’d seen the beautiful photos of the rice paddies and the beautiful piano in the middle. Unfortunately we just missed the lush green paddies because they were harvested not long ago. But I thought the view was still amazing!

We sat outside and had a look at the food and drinks. Prices here are quite reasonable, a good meal between 100-200 baht. 3 of us ordered the infamous chicken burger which had rave reviews. And so it should. The burger was incredible, the only problem was how to eat it because it’s so big! Mine kind of fell apart and I had to eat it in bits but it was still great! One of our friends ordered the pork rib curry with a roti which he said was also amazing!


The boys both had coffees, one saying it was one of the best cappuccinos he’d had in Thailand! Us girls got a passionfruit ice cream smoothie which unfortunately I couldn’t get a photo before we demolished it!

We then explored the cafe and the grounds. The rice paddies were great with a walk way through the middle and a piano at the end. Unfortunately it doesn’t work, although I can’t play anyway! It makes the cafe very instagrammable and looks great through a camera.


There’s also a little meshed area that you can sit on that overlooks the rice paddies too. There’s even a cute, but quite uncomfortable, hammock surrounded by palm trees that is nice to lie in.


Overall the experience there was great. The food was good and at a good price and the views were great. You can also stay in the rooms here called Home at 9 but I didn’t get to see what they looked like. I do know the pool overlooks the paddies though and looked really cute. If the cafe is anything to go by then I think the rooms will be gorgeous!

Hope you like this blog post! Don’t forget to check out my last one – A Weekend in Pai

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11 thoughts on “Cloud9 Cafe, Chiang Mai”

    1. Hi! We drove our moped to the cafe but you will be able to get a taxi from the middle of town. It’s about a half hour taxi ride!


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