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Wat Ban Den + Sticky Waterfall

Last month we took a trip to Sticky Waterfall/Bua Tong Waterfall. Ever since I moved to Chiang Mai I’ve wanted to visit Sticky Waterfall and I found Wat Ban Den on the maps as I planned. So I thought we’d do them both in the same day!

We drove from Hang Dong in Chiang Mai to Wat Ban Den and it took us about 1 hour 30 minutes. It’s a decent drive which is mostly a highway and the views are pretty. I knew there were quite a few temples on the same plot of land but it was actually huge!


We got there pretty early but there was already a lot of tour buses and quite a lot of people. But because the complex was so big, it wasn’t very crowded. We wandered around each temple, each of them completely different. Some of them have the traditional Thai temple style but a lot of them have different styles. There were also a lot of statues of some amazing creatures that I loved!

My favourite one was the black chedis/pagodas. Each one of the 12 chedis represents the Zodiac Animal Signs. The belief is that when you die, your spirit will stay in the chedi of your Zodiac animal. They were beautifully created but unfortunately you couldn’t go right up to them as they were fenced off.


Everywhere in the complex was immaculate and tidy which was great. We didn’t stay for too long because the heat was way too much, especially in our temple-going attire so we took a few pictures and left. I would definitely come back though when it’s a bit cooler to properly look at them all!

Next we made it to Sticky Waterfalls. I’d heard so much about this place and done quite a bit of research too. Sticky Waterfalls get their name because the limestone creates a friction that makes it easy to walk up. There’s 5 levels so we walked all the way down the stairs to the bottom and, using the ropes, we climbed up. The first section was a bit slippery and you just have to make sure your footing is right. Stay away from the dark green surfaces and keep to the white and pale grey surfaces as they’re the ‘stickiest’.


We chilled for a bit after that in the natural pools as the water was so refreshing on a hot day. It was quite busy when we went and you had to sometimes manoeuvre around people. We then climbed the second part and this was so much easier! You could literally walk straight up most of it without the use of a rope. It got quite tricky near the top but you just have to be so careful and keep a hold of the rope. The view at the top of the last part was beautiful too!


After this we got some snacks and pot noodles from the very cheap shop and then ate some food at the picnic area at the top.

Lastly we went on a short walk to a shrine next to a pool of crystal clear water. I’ve never seen water quite that colour before! It was incredible. It was good luck to splash yourself with some of the water so we used one of the small buckets to do that.


We then drove back home which took us nearly 2 hours. But I had a really great day out and ticked something off my bucketlist that I’d wanted to do for a long time!

I recommend Wat Ban Den if you’re heading up that way as a quick stop off. The temples are beautiful but there’s that many in Chiang Mai I don’t think I’d drive all the way just to see these.

I would recommend driving all the way up here for the waterfalls though! We had a lot of fun but it is a lot more slippy than I thought it was going to be. You just have to be careful the whole time and don’t do anything stupid and you’ll be fine!

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Stay Happy!


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