31 Days of Halloween 2019, Make-up

Pop Art Zombie (11/31)


(All photos taken and edited by me. Hair, eyes and background are edited).

This was a huuuge paint job but I’d seen so many going around that I thought I’d give it a go! This one is inspired by the beautiful nikahauptman!

I started off using the white Nyx eyeliner to draw where I want each of the patterns to be on my face and chest. I then used the turquoise Snazaroo face paint to paint most of my face and chest. I then used the white face paint to colour in the bones. I also painted my ‘brain’ and brows with red and white face paint mixed together and coloured some of the ‘holes’ in with a mixture of the Grass Green Snazaroo paint and the Bright Yellow Snazaroo face paint.

For my eyes I just used the dark teal shade from the Morphe 35c palette and added some Sosu lashes in Dubai.


I used the black face paint to outline all of the lines and added some around my eyes to create the pop art feel. I used the white face paint to draw my teeth and the black around that. I then started going all around my face and chest with grey eyeshadow to create shadows where they needed to be. I also used it to draw the ‘brain’ pattern on my head.

I used the mixture of red and white of my lips too and that’s pretty much the look done! This look took me so long but I’m happy with how it’s turned out!

I hope you like it and don’t forget to check out yesterdays look- Valak (10/31)

Stay Spooky!


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