31 Days of Halloween 2019, Make-up

Pretty in Pink (18/31)


(All photos are taken and edited by me. Hair, eyes and background is edited).

I’ve been wanting to do a full skull look for such a long time and I finally plucked up the courage! This amazing skull is inspired by the absolute Queeeeen of skulls Ellie35x! Her work is honestly the best and she inspired me so much. Check it out!

First I started with the Nyx white pencil liner to draw all of the bones on my chest and working out where I wanted them to go. I then used the white Snazaroo face paint to fill them in and paint my whole face. I then used the pink Snazaroo face paint to paint around the outside of the bones on my chest. I also used it for my nose.


I filled my brows in with the bright pink shade from the Morphe 35c palette and added the shadow down my nose. I also lightly drew the outline of the eye sockets with the same colour. For my eyes I used the same shade and blended it up towards my brow. In my crease I used the dark pink shade from the Lick and Lash 12k palette and blended it out. I then cut my crease with the P.Louise base and applied a pale pink shade from the same palette over the top. In my outer corner I used a little bit of black eyeshadow from the Morphe 35c palette to darken it. I then applied the Nessychoice lashes. I used the same pink shades to create the hollows in my cheeks and a little at my temple. I used the shadow on my mouth too and then applied the white face paint for my teeth. I outlined them with a little bit of black face paint.


I used the pink shade from the Lick and Lash palette to add some shadows on the bones on my chest. By this point the white paint had started cracking and peeling off which I wasn’t too happy with! I also used some black eyeshadow to add some depth behind the bones.

Then I just applied the gems. I bought these from eBay for pretty cheap and they were alright. They did the job for photos but didn’t last very long! And that’s the look finished!

This is another one of those looks that took me hours to do but I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out! Let me know what you think and don’t forget to check out yesterday’s look – Queen of Hearts 2.0 (17/31)

Stay Spooky!


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