31 Days of Halloween 2019, Make-up

Scarecrow (21/31)


(All photos taken and edited by me. Eyes and background is edited).

I hadn’t really planned much with this look but I’m pretty chuffed with how it turned out. First I cut out the squares of the potato bag that I wanted to attach to my face. I then used liquid latex to stick the ones on my cheeks. I drew around the one for my eye and then applied liquid latex over the lines. I applied the Fenty foundation all over my face and covered the liquid latex with it to look more natural. I used the Tarte shape tape concealer under my one eye.

I filled in my one brow with the Benefit, Precisely my Brow Pencil and for my eyes I started with a brown shade from the Morphe 35c palette in my crease and blended it up and out. I then applied a black eyeshadow all over my lid. I used the black under my eye, applied some smaller lashes I found in Thailand and added a little mascara.


I used some black Snazaroo face paint on my lips and buffed it out using a sponge. I used liquid latex to stick on the little pieces of string to make it look like my mouth is sewn up. I used the Nyx lip matte in Madrid on the ends of the strings to make it look a bit bloody. Around the edges of the liquid latex I used the same lipstick to make it look like blood and then added some fake blood too. I used some brown and red eyeshadow on all of the patches to make them look dirty.

I then pulled up the inside edges of the liquid latex around my eye and used some more latex to stick the last patch over my eye. I got my mum to help me with this part too! I then applied some fake blood over the top.

I used the rest of the potato sack around my neck. I added some cuts, brown and red eyeshadow and some fake blood to it aswell. For the pictures I also added some bits of tissue paper.

And that’s the look finished! Let me know what you think and don’t forget to check out yesterday’s look – Metal (20/31)

Stay Spooky!


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