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I’m so excited to finally share with you all what I’ve been doing these past few months! In November I signed up to a business opportunity that I’d had in my mind since about August! I started my training and passed an exam in December which officially makes me an Independent Travel Agent!

I’ve always loved travelling and being in Thailand for so long made me realise that I want to be able to do it way more often to see all the amazing places the world has to offer! With this opportunity not only can I get good discounts because I’m an agent, I also earn back commission on these travels which makes them even cheaper! But it doesn’t stop there! I can also help other people find the perfect holidays for their needs. It can be anywhere from a weekend getaway to somewhere in the UK or Europe or it can be a 2-week summer holiday to anywhere in the world!

With me you can develop a much more personal relationship than you can with any other travel booking sites because I’ll learn just what you like and just what is important to you when you want to escape. You can put your trust in me to find you the perfect holiday from a wide range of our suppliers and I can’t wait to get started! I can also help you find activities (theatre tickets, outdoor adventures), train tickets, car hire and transfers!

Some of our suppliers include:

  • Butlin’s
  • Carnival Cruise Line
  • Crystal Ski Holidays
  • Funway
  • Haven
  • Hoseasons
  • James Villa Holidays
  • London Theatre Direct
  • Major Travel
  • Olympic Holidays
  • TUI

I’m still learning all about my business and everyday becoming a better travel agent because I really want to be able to give you the best experience. Holidays give so many people joy and I want to be able to get them perfect for you!

You may think you have to pay me to look for your perfect holiday but the only thing you’ll be paying for is the holiday or any other extras you ask for! Booking the holiday we plan together helps me earn a living to travel more and you’ll be getting a great personal experience from someone you can trust!

So if you’re thinking of any holidays to anywhere in the world for any amount of time, just drop me a message on here or on any of my social media and I’ll be so happy to help you out!

FaceBook – Escape With Sarah
Instagram – Escape With Sarah
Email –

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Stay Happy!


9 thoughts on “BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!”

  1. I don’t know the process of becoming an independent travel agent, but that doesn’t mean it won’t get a congratulation from me! good luck for the journey and I know where I’ll be going for any help for future holidays x

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