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2020 Travel Bucketlist!

I’m so excited for 2020 already! This year has so much potential to be the greatest year yet and I can’t wait to get started! I thought I’d write a 2020 travel bucketlist/goals of places I would like to visit this year!


We really wanted to visit Switzerland in winter so we could see how amazing the snow was but after watching Kinging It’s video of Switzerland last summer we’ve changed our minds! The views looks insane and we fell in love with the place already!
Check the videos here –


This place has been on my bucketlist for the longest time and I’d love to go and see the incredible balloons in person. Turkey is general would be an amazing place to visit so I can’t wait!


I’ve always been a big fan of Greece but there’s a few places I’ve never visited. I’d love to go to Santorini and some of the other islands but I’d also like to visit Athens.


Budapest has always been a dream place of mine to visit and I can’t wait to explore!


Croatia just looks stunning! I’d love to explore Dubrovnik and also the islands!


I’ve actually never been to Italy! I’d love to drive around Italy especially in the South, and I’m super excited for the food, Italian is my favourite!


I’ve never been to France either! I’ve driven through on my way to Barcelona but we didn’t really stop off. I really want to visit Paris even though it doesn’t have the best reputation but I would love to see the Eiffel Tower for myself.

Lake Bled

This is one place in particular I’d love to visit in Slovenia! I don’t think it’s your usual holiday destination but I’m so up for trying new places this year that aren’t as popular!

This is only a few places I’d like to visit in 2020, I’d be happy to go anywhere to be honest! I’m sticking to Europe this year because I think that’s what my budget and time will allow for but we’ll see! I’m also going to be exploring more of the UK, I already have a little trip booked next week so I can’t wait!

If there’s anywhere you’d like to suggest I visit I’d love to hear! Or if you have any recommendations of things to do in the places I’ve already suggested then let me know!

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Stay Happy


7 thoughts on “2020 Travel Bucketlist!”

  1. I have Greece, Croatia and Italy on my bucket list too, theres loads of places within Italy that i’d love to visit actually – it has so much to offer! Thanks for sharing x
    – katelyn


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