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Lowther Castle & Gardens

Whilst we were on our way to our beautiful lodge in Penrith for a couple of nights we decided to stop off at this amazing castle. I’d already googled and done my research and I fell in love with this huge castle. When we arrived we spoke to a lovely girl at reception and she showed us a map of the castle and its gardens and we didn’t realise how big it was!


The castle was built at the turn of the 19th century but in 1957 it was demolished. Just the façade and outer walls remained standing and for over half a century, the place was empty and the gardens were lost. But now as you can see, it is thriving.


After learning about the history of the castle inside its walls you go out into the courtyard and I still can’t get over how beautiful this castle looks close up.


The front of the castle is just on another level and I don’t think you could ever take a bad picture of it! It’s been preserved extremely well and it was quite eerie too!


We couldn’t believe how huge the gardens of the castle were either. There were so many individual gardens included in the big one such as the New Rose Garden and Rock Garden. Obviously because of the time of year we went there wasn’t much going on but I can only imagine how beautiful it looks in summer too! There’s also a few pretty summer houses scattered about too that you can sit in when the weather permits.


We walked through the woods and arrived at this viewpoint which was a sheer drop off the edge. The view was amazing but I think it would be even better in summer. Sitting next to the cliff is the Jubilee Summerhouse which the Queen has actually visited so it’s locked off to the public but you can look inside which is pretty cool!


As you reach the end of the gardens you come across The Lost Castle which is a wooden castle that you can climb and play around. It looks great for kids and you can still walk around it as an adult. There are zip wires and swings but some of the things are obviously predominantly made for children. You can also book it out for children’s parties which I think would be a great idea!

We carried on walking around the park and found Jack Croft’s pond which has some wildlife in it. Near there we found these tree swings that we had a lot of fun on!



We also ventured into the cafe which looked amazing. Unfortunately we were in a rush so couldn’t try the food but it looked tasty! We grabbed a coffee and if that was anything to go by then the food would be great!

The whole castle just wowed me completely and we were lucky that it wasn’t very busy because of the weather. I can imagine it’s a completely different experience in summer and it would be nice to come back and see the gardens in bloom but we also enjoyed having the grounds to ourselves!

If you’re ever in the area you need to check out this castle! I was blown away by the ruins and the gardens were so fun to walk around. I can highly recommend Lowther Castle & Gardens!

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