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Ullswater Heights

We were lucky enough to stay in Ullswater Heights for two nights. This resort is still quite new and parts are still being built but you can feel the luxury as soon as you come through the gates!

We arrived on Monday evening which unfortunately was awful weather (thanks Storm Brendan). We were orginally supposed to be stayed in this amazing place, the Safari Tent, but when we checked in we realised it wasn’t possible!

(Photos taken from the website)

The weather and wind was so bad that the chimney had started leaking. The sound in the tent was insane too because of the wind. I was so gutted that we couldn’t stay in one of the tents but that just means we’ll have to go back sometime in the summer!

Instead the lovely staff moved us into a stunning lodge which was much better. It was warm and we couldn’t hear the awful wind outside! I thought I’d just show you a few pictures I took of our lodge and some tips and things about it.

Walking in straight away there’s a little utility room with a washing machine inside. Although we didn’t use it I think it’s handy if you’re here for a week or over. The lodge also comes with two tablets that you can use too. The kitchen was amazing. It had a dishwasher and lots of different pans, utensils and cutlery. It had a gas oven, which we couldn’t work out how to use, so can’t really comment on that! We used the gas hob to cook a few times and it was great. There was enough variety of pans and utensils to make what you needed. There’s also a kettle, toaster and microwave. There’s even plastic cups that they ask you use around the hot tub.
I love the little pack you get for the kitchen. All rolled up neatly you get some washing up liquid, things to wash your pots and dry them. You get extra bin bags and things to wash down the counters.


There’s a really nice dining table and high chair in case you needed one. The living room was great, the couches were so comfy and there was a smart TV so you could watch Netflix and things on each TV in the lodge. There’s information about the place in the drawers of the coffee table and usually the wifi password too. We didn’t use our fire and just used the heating instead.


The corridor then splits off into 5 separate rooms. The first is a room with two single beds, a wardrobe and a TV. The second guest bedroom is very similar to this too. There’s a utility closet with an ironing board and hoover. Then there’s a huge bathrom with a bath/shower and lots of room.


Then our bedroom is at the end. Our double bed was so comfy and in each room we got spare towels, a robe and a pair of slippers. This was a nice touch, especially for getting to and from the hot tub. There was lots of storage space in our room which was great, with two wardrobes. We also had a TV. Our room had an ensuite with a shower and toilet which was great!


Our balcony was also great! Unfortunately we didn’t use it much because it rained pretty much 24/7 when we were there but we did use the hot tub. It wasn’t sheltered though so we had to wait for a time when the rain wasn’t so bad, or used an umbrella! The view was great too, of the lake.


We went to the restaurant on site one night which was really nice. They have a pizza oven and the pizzas were so authentic. The fries were also to die for! It’s also dog friendly which I’m always a fan of!

The whole place was a great experience and the staff working on site were lovely. They did everything they could for us, and any problems we had were fixed right away.

And with my business I was able to not only get a good deal on this place but I also earned commission back from it to make it even cheaper, amazing!

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