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How I Work Online and Pay to Travel the World

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I don’t talk much about my income streams on my blog, mostly because I feel like people don’t really want to hear it! I also don’t want to be broadcasting my income on my socials but recently I’ve been giving several people advice about how they can make money online and how they can use it to travel! So I thought I’d write a blog post all about how I make my money online and how to use it to travel full-time!

I have two incomes at the moment – I teach English online and I am also an Independent Travel Agent. This post will be about how you can teach online like me! If you’d like more info about the Travel Agent side then check out my blog post here – Big Announcement!

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My experience

Let’s go all the way back to the beginning. I started teaching English online in September 2018. I was travelling in Thailand and had previously been working for a company back in England writing blogs. But I needed to make more money to live on! I met two girls who taught online and I thought it would be a great opportunity! So I signed up straight away and got the job! I started teaching from then on and have been doing it ever since! It was super easy to get started and I earned money straight away!

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So why teach online?

Teaching online has soooo many benefits! For me the biggest one is that I can work from anywhere that has a good internet connection! I’ve taught from a 5* resort in Thailand to my friend’s house in Belgium! I know people who work on road trips or even from the beach! It’s so flexible that there is not many places you can’t teach from.

You can also make a decent amount of money whilst travelling! I’m not going to go into the full details of money in this post, mostly because each teacher will make a different amount! But I know plenty people that are using the money they make to travel full-time. Some people just want to use this though as an extra income stream to their full-time or part-time job! This is great too and can give you a little extra money each month.

Another great reason to teach online is to grow confidence. I never thought in a million years that I’d ever teach children. I’m quite a shy and quiet person, but teaching everyday has grown my confidence massively. It’s a great experience and every day is different from the next. You teach some great kids and have the opportunity to learn a lot along the way!

What company do I teach with?

The company I work for is called DaDaABC. It’s one of the biggest and leading employers for teaching online. They’re based in China but partnered with the American Tesol Institute and aim to provide English lessons to Chinese students. We teach students aged from 4-16 and these are all one-to-one classes. DaDaABC provides all teaching materials and there is such a great community of teachers to welcome you!


– Bachelor’s degree or equivalent. There aren’t many companies teaching online now that will take on a teacher without a degree.

– TEFL/TESOL/CELTA, etc. When I applied you didn’t need one of these but now you need to have a certificate. If you apply without one make sure you let them know that you’re in the process of getting one and send proof. They’re really cheap to get off websites such as groupon and they help a lot if you’ve never taught before!

– Background check. Make sure you have a non-criminal background check from the country you’re originally from, even if you don’t live there now.

– Stable internet connection. DaDaABC makes sure that you have at least 10MB download speed before hiring you.

Interview Process

The interview process may have changed slightly since I started so I’ll just give a few tips. When talking to anyone from DaDa make sure you’re upbeat and cheerful. Prepare for any questions they might ask you; they will probably ask about any experience you’ve had in teaching. They will do a mock class with you where they pretend to be a child. It sounds quite daunting but just teach as you would any other class!

Make sure you have a good clear background with maps and pictures, good lighting, a headset with a microphone and also a webcam. In the mock class they will look for how you engage with the ‘student’, class management and timings, error correction and warm-ups. Be sure to smile, make funny faces, speak slowly and praise well! The better your mock class, the more money your base pay will be!


All DaDa classes are one-to-one classes. We use a platform called DaDaABC Class and it’s similar to Skype. You can see and talk to your students but you can also draw on the screen and type to your students. All classes with regular students (students you have multiple times a week or weekly) last 30 minutes. Trial classes (classes with students who haven’t signed up to DaDa yet) are either 14 minutes or 25 minutes long.

The hours you can work in DaDa are Mon – Fri 6pm – 9pm, Weekends 9am – 12pm, 2pm – 4pm and 6pm – 9pm (Beijing time). You have to work a minimum of 10 hours per month. These are all whilst the students are in term time but when there are holidays you can add extra hours and earn more money.


One of the biggest parts is the pay. You get paid each month on the 15th (sometimes leave 2-5 business days for overseas transfers). Each teacher earns a different salary and that is based on your intial application (more money for people who have experience in teaching already), your demo class, your bonuses and your incentives.

You can gain bonuses different ways. If you convert a trial class to join DaDa you earn extra. The more regular students you have and the more hours you work also give you incentives to make more money!

Is teaching online for you?

Are you either looking for extra monthly income or you’re wanting to work whilst you travel the world, then this opportunity is for you! Maybe you’re a mum who would love to work from home but still earn an income! This job is so flexible and can fit in with daily life. I work in the morning so if I wanted I could still work an evening job alongside too. Or I could work a full-time job in the week and work some extra hours at the weekend!

OR you could work from the other side of the world, in the snow or sun, on the beach or in a city, working three hours a day and spending the rest of the time exploring a new destination! That’s why I signed up to teach online and it’s worked so well for me so far. I don’t see myself giving it up anytime soon! It’s allowed me spend time in Thailand and given me the flexibility to work when I’m away too so I don’t have to take time off!

So if you’re new to the idea of online teaching or if you’ve been thinking of it for a while then take the leap! It will be a great experience for you regardless of why you want to do it and it’s so rewarding! I’ve made great connections with my students because you see them each week, ask how their day has been and learn so much about their life. You learn everyday with DaDaABC and continue to grow as a person!

If you’re interested please check out my referral link. This will cost you nothing extra – it just means that I can get a little something from it if you decide to join up! DaDaABC Sign Up!
If you have any extra questions drop me a message and I can get back to you!

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Stay Happy!

23 thoughts on “How I Work Online and Pay to Travel the World”

  1. Thanks for this post! We were in Thailand recently – I don’t blame you for wanting to stay as long as possible! I also never thought about teaching online on the weekends. Food for thought!

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  2. Very cool to learn more about teaching online. I work online too, but in social media, blogging and travel planning. I don’t think I have the patience for teaching but it’s so interesting to learn more about it. A great avenue for being able to travel and work all around the world!

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