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Mix and Match 20 Items for Cold Weather

My first fashion style post! I used to do a lot of things like this when I was younger, especially when Polyvore was around! I’ve always been into fashion and I love going shopping with my friends and family and helping them shop! Maybe in another life I would be a personal shopper! So I’ve seen this challenge but for different countries instead so thought I would do it just for a colder climate in general. So this would be perfect for maybe a 10 day holiday to somewhere chilly, like Europe in the winter months or somewhere in America in the cold months too.

Obviously not everyone is going to like the items I’ve picked because everyone has their own amazing sense of style, so this blog post is to also give people ideas on how to pack 20 items that can make lots of combinations of outfits! These are the basics of each suitcase and I’ve not included underwear and socks as you can see as I wouldn’t wear them more than once!

Also another DISCLAIMER – none of this is sponsored at all. I don’t get any money if you buy the clothes, I just searched for them myself and found the ones I like and would wear!

So these are my 20 picks I’ve found! They’re all from a mixture of H&M, Pull & Bear and Topshop. There’s a few pairs of jeans, tops, shoes and coats to choose from. I’ll go through each category and explain why I chose them and then I’ve made a few different outfits to show you there are so many ways you can wear these combinations.

I first chose two jumpers. It’s so important to be able to layer when you visit cold countries. It might be freezing outside but if you go inside to eat or to see a museum it might be warmer so you can take some layers off! Jumpers are the perfect cold climate statement and I chose two different jumpers. I chose the pink one for a pop of colour and I chose the beige and brown one if you want to stay more neutral.

Pink Knitted Jumper
Brown Turtleneck Jumper

For tops I chose three different ones. A vest, a short sleeved t-shirt and a long sleeved t-shirt. Again these are perfect for layering and can go underneath a jumper or cardigan. I think the vest is quite glam and can be nice if you’re going for a nice meal whereas the others are a bit more casual.

Glittery Strappy Top
Pink Ribbed Top
Basic Grey T-shirt

For jeans I’ve chosen three different pairs. I chose a pair of dark skinny jeans, a blue pair of tapered jeans and a blue pair of mom jeans. You can stick to more skinnies or baggier jeans – these are just ones that I prefer to wear.

Blue Black Jamie Skinny Jeans
Mom Tapered Jeans
Wash Mom Tapered Jeans

I chose a grey cardigan that looks super cosy and also a jumper dress if you wanted to dress up a little. I paired the dress with tights for the cold weather but if you were staying inside you could maybe go without.

Rib-knit Cardigan
Super Soft Knitted Dress

For shoes I chose three different ones. I chose Vans as just some comfy trainers to take if you’re walking a lot. I also chose two lots of boots, one quite plain and one with a bit of bling. Pair these with some fluffy socks to keep you toasty warm.

Black Leather Lace Up Boots
Black Boots With Straps
Old Skool Vans

I also chose two different coats. One is a thick parka that you can actually use as three different jackets if you follow the link! It also looks super warm and cosy. I also chose a wool duster coat that is a bit more dressed up for if you’re going out.

Long 3 in 1 Parka
Black and White Herringbone Coat

For the hat and scarf I kept the pink theme throughout and added them in as accessories. For bags I chose a backpack you can use if you’re spending all day out exploring or a small cross body bag if you’re not carrying that much.

Plum Cable Beanie
Light Pink Scarf

Black Backpack
Cross Body Bag

For this outfit I’ve stayed neutral and kept it quite comfy. Two layers to keep you warm and a thick coat, comfy shoes and a small bag.

Another chilled outfit to keep you warm. A plain tee and cardigan with the huge parka over the top. Comfy shoes and a big backpack if you’re out all day!

I chose a dress for this look, which I paired with some tights but you could keep it without if you’re staying inside most of the time. Paired with the pop of colour in the hat and scarf and then the comfy coat. A backpack and comfy boots are perfect if you’re spending the day out!

Pairing a vest under this jumper, just in case it’s cold outside but warm inside, and then wearing them with the mom jeans. Stay warm with the thick parka and boots and use a backpack if you’re exploring all day!

A more casual look here with just a long sleeved tee (if it was really cold you could wear a vest underneath). Teamed with casual jeans, Vans and a comfy coat, with the hat and scarf as a pop of colour. And the backpack for a day of exploring!

Another look with the dress and optional tights. I’ve kept the browns going throughout this one. You can keep the vest on underneath to keep you warmer or wear it without. Pair it with the blingy shoes, studded bag and big coat to keep you warm!

A super comfy look! The t-shirt with a jumper over the top for warmth and dark skinny jeans. Pair that with some Vans and backpack if you’re exploring all day and the thick coat for cosiness! Add the scarf and hat to keep the pink theme!

Probably my favourite outfit! I love this top so much I might have to buy it! Pair it with some mom jeans and a cardigan to keep you warm. Add some blingy shoes, a cute bag and a thick parka to keep you warm!

And the last outfit is another one of my favourites, mainly because of the vest! Layer it with the brown jumper and dark skinnies, big boots and the studded bag. Then with the parka over the top to keep you warm!

And that’s all the combinations I’ve made! There’s obviously loads more, just from switching up the tops and jeans a few times! I think I managed to find things that match up pretty well. If I had more items I’d probably choose a few more tops to add and maybe a nice skirt to dress up if you’re going out!

Let me know that you think about my first fashion post and comment which outfit is your favourite! I’m really excited to do more things like this, including packing lists for different countries!

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Stay Happy!

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  1. I absolutely love how you mixed and matched these pieces to create unique and beautiful winter outfits! So much inspiration here. I especially love the color block sweater!

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