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9 Tips for Working From Home

Our current situation is meaning that more and more people are having to work from home. For people that have never worked from home before, it can be a stressful change and people will eventually get frustrated and unproductive. I’ve been working from home for just under two years and whilst I still haven’t perfected it, I do have a few tips to help you stay sane and productive!
I’ve also created some FREE daily planners that you can print off which will help you plan your time better!

Create a good morning schedule

Starting off the morning well will set out the whole day! I know it can be tempting to stay in bed most of the morning but set your alarms at a similar time you’d get up for work. The earlier you get up the more productive you’ll feel during the day. If you struggle with this, like me, choose an accountability buddy. Make sure they nag you awake so you can get up and start your day!

Get ready to start your day

This doesn’t mean having to apply makeup or wear smart work clothes but just getting dressed in the morning will make you much more productive. Have a refreshing shower, change out of your pyjamas or loungewear into something comfortable, brush your hair and feel ready to start the day properly.

Plan your day

Every morning I plan my day, what I need to get done today, what I could do if I have any spare time and I make sure I tick them off when they’re done. This actually makes me excited to do some things because I’m sad and love to tick things off! I’ve created a few FREE Weekly Planners that you can print off each week to fill out and check off things that you get finished! This is how I plan each week and also reminds me to do things I would ordinarily forget!

Keep your workspace tidy

One of the most important things for me is keeping your workspace tidy. Whether it’s the dining room table or your own desk, keep it decluttered. This will keep your mind clear and you’ll be able to concentrate on the tasks at hand. Also if you can help it don’t work from your bed. I’ve done this a few times and it just curbs all motivation. It makes me sleepy and distracted and when I finally get to bed time it doesn’t feel as nice as climbing into a comfy made bed!

Don’t get distracted

Working from home is so distracting because there are hundreds of things you’d rather be doing! Keep your phone on silent and limit how much you use it. Keep the TV off, even if it’s just in the background because you’ll be focusing on it more than you think. If you work better with music on, keep it on low in the background with playlists that won’t distract you. If it’s too much just leave it off. Also make sure you have everything you need before sitting down to work so you’re not getting up every 10 minutes to get something else.

Take breaks often

I don’t mean take a 20 minute break every hour but taking regular breaks are good for your body and mind. Use these small breaks to stretch your legs, make a brew or a snack or for a 10 minute phone break. But make sure they don’t last ages, the more you’re away from your work, the less you’ll want to carry on! Also use this time to let your eyes take a break! Working on a computer all day will strain your eyes and without breaks you can experience awful headaches.

Get outside

I know with our current situation around the world that getting outside can be hard. But fresh air is important during the day. I definitely don’t go outside enough as it is and now it’s going to be even harder. If there’s no chance of you leaving the house, try and open a window in the room you’re working in. Chuck a jumper on and open the window for a bit, just to get some fresh air in your lungs. If you can go outside, even if it’s just the garden, spend some time just sitting outside with no other distractions and let your mind relax. If you have a dog, walk them around the neighbourhood but remember to keep a safe distance from other people.

Keep eating well

I’ve struggled hard with this! Because I’m home all the time I have access to all the food in the house and it’s soooo tempting! I always feel like I need to be snacking on something when I’m working but that isn’t the case at all. I know eventually it might be hard to nip to the supermarket but try and find healthier options to snack on. Nuts and dried fruit are great options and if you just need something sweet, limit yourself to a handful of sweets or chocolate. Make yourself a nice healthy sandwich for lunch and try to limit your snacking throughout the day. I know it will be hard but you got this!

Know when to stop

This is a problem I struggle with the most. I work 10-1pm each day and usually work on my blog after that but I find myself carrying on working up until I go to sleep. So I don’t atually have any time to myself during the day to do something relaxing and something I don’t have to think about. I guilt myself into thinking I could be doing something so much more productive but you also have to look after yourself. Know when to stop the work and do something you’ve been looking forward to or else you’ll start to go crazy!

If you’ve been working from home for a long time and still struggle or if you’re new to it because of the virus, I hope these tips help you a little. I should take my own advice sometimes too! Keep healthy through all of this and try to stay sane. I know a lot of people who will struggle with staying inside for a long period of time. Try and keep occupied. Learn something new like a language, read a book and watch a film you’ve always wanted to. Practise a skill and in most cases just do things that you love to do. Keep in contact with friends and family and if you feel lonely, I’m always here for a chat! You can find my social media below!

Stay Happy and Healthy

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54 thoughts on “9 Tips for Working From Home”

  1. These are great tips! I think I would struggle to work from home because I am just so distractable. I guess though when you have focus and deadlines to meet that makes it much easier to be less distracted.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsy’s Antics

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  2. These are great suggestions, Sarah! I think it’s so important to stick to a routine where possible 🙂 Making a plan for the day is a good idea, scheduling in breaks, exercise, meals and things like that. Thank you for sharing, hope you are staying safe and well ❤ xx

    Bexa |

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  3. Great tips, Sarah! I also started working from home about 6 months ago, and I struggled with it at first. As I read these tips I’m glad I’m doing them already – especially taking breaks often and avoiding distractions. Something I have to work on is knowing when to stop! I feel you when you say you want to be productive and left with no time for yourself. I know exactly how that feels. Good luck to us. And please stay safe! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. These are some awesome tips! As a full time student and stay at home mom, I do my degree program at home. Starting your morning right is definitely great advice! Get a routine going, thanks for sharing!

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  5. I love this. I am new to working at home and I find myself ver distracted and a little lost at times. I have been doing some of the same things in your list and it works. Getting up early and keeping to-do lists and staying organized helps a lot.

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  6. Perfect tips for current times! I grabbed my desk planner from the office before I started working at home, and I’m so glad I did… it definitely helps to track my time (and is a lifesaver for doing timesheets).

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  7. I definitely find that taking a break helps you be more productive when it comes to blogging as it’s great for getting new ideas land in your head. With movement restricted at the moment it’s tempting to keep working on things from when you wake up until sleep but I find it slows me down and I can get a lot more done by allowing myself to have creative ideas and time to think.

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  8. I needed to read this this morning! I also wrote about how to be and stay productive but sometimes it’s difficult to follow your own tips but this was def. helpful for me this morning!!

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  9. Ha! Knowing when to stop is definitely my biggest struggle. These are all great tips and I am going to try them all to see if I can increase my productivity even further. Thanks!

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  10. This is such an refreshing and enriching post amongst all the horrible news around about the threat of Corona virus. But, this post gives hope to be the best at what we can do— work, it helps being efficient and productive. I am definitely going to implement all of them.

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