31 Days of Halloween 2019, Make-up

Cheshire Cat 3.0 (16/31)

(Hair, background and eyes are edited. The exposure on the chest is edited too). I want to say a huge thank you to my cousin for being a model for me today, so you guys don't get sick of seeing my face! I've actually done two other versions of the Cheshire cat, one each year… Continue reading Cheshire Cat 3.0 (16/31)

31 Days of Halloween 2018, Make-up

31 Days of Halloween is Over!

I can't believe that October is done with! I've literally had the craziest month, even crazier than last year. I struggled a lot with time management this year but I only missed 2 days out of the whole 31 so I'm quite impressed! I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone that… Continue reading 31 Days of Halloween is Over!

31 Days of Halloween 2018, Make-up

Cheshire Cat 2.0 (3/31)

Today I've recreated one of my favourite looks that I did last year! It looks pretty similar but there's a few things I think I've improved over the course of a year. Lets get started! (Disclaimer- Eyes, hair and lighting has been edited but the makeup hasn't been changed) I started off with the L'Oreal… Continue reading Cheshire Cat 2.0 (3/31)

31 Days of Halloween 2017, Make-up

We’re all mad here (2/31)

Inspired by Alice in Wonderland's mad cheshire cat, I wanted to do a dramatic look today. I used face paint with this look, but if you wanted to make it even simpler you can switch the face paint for eyeliner and it looks just as good! And it's cheaper but I already had some paint… Continue reading We’re all mad here (2/31)