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Life Update! Family Visit and New Beginnings!

It's been a while since I've done a talky blog post and what a better time than now! I haven't really been on social media or my blog much this month because I've had a lot going on in my life! On 27th August my mum, dad and brother flew out to visit me in… Continue reading Life Update! Family Visit and New Beginnings!

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A-Z of Just Sarah

Hey everyone! I've seen a few people doing this and I've only ever introduced myself when I started my blog over a year ago! Since then I've gained a few more lovely followers so I thought I'd do a little get to know me in the style of A-Z! It was harder than I thought… Continue reading A-Z of Just Sarah


Follow me on my trip to Thailand!

In less than 24 hours I'll be on my first flight of the day to Thailand! I still can't quite believe that we're going, I think it'll just hit me when we touch down in a place I've never been before! I'm not going to give too much info away at the moment, I'll tell… Continue reading Follow me on my trip to Thailand!

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What Now?

I am officially finished with education. What a scary sentence. I've been in some sort of education for 16 years of my life and now it's all over. Do I feel like I've learnt enough to become an adult? Absolutely not. But have I enjoyed those 16 years. Definitely yes. Call me whatever but I… Continue reading What Now?