31 Days of Halloween 2019

Mermaid (27/31)

This is the second mermaid look I've done. My favourite look I did in the first year was my mermaid look and I'm still super proud of it but it's crazy how much I've improved. Check out the old one here -¬†Hooked (31/31)!! To start with I used liquid latex and cotton wool to create… Continue reading Mermaid (27/31)


Hooked (31/31)!!

It's the last day!! I've loved every minute of this month and doing these looks, but I'm so excited to have a early night! This mermaid look is inspired by the beautiful Glam & Gore! Let's get started with my final Halloween look! For my face I used the Fenty foundation with Collection concealer under… Continue reading Hooked (31/31)!!


Pisces (6/31)

So during my 31 Days of Halloween I wanted to do a few different horoscope looks! I won't be doing them all but don't be sad if I don't do yours in October, I'll do it afterwards! So first is Pisces, the fish. People who are Pisces are compassionate, artistic, wise and gentle. But they're… Continue reading Pisces (6/31)