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Layers ( 3/31)

I wasn't sure how to name this look because I pictured it as peeling back my layers to see what's underneath but I wanted to see how other people see it, maybe as putting a mask on. My mum actually came up with the idea for this makeup look! Thanks mum! For my face I… Continue reading Layers ( 3/31)


Head Shot (19/31)

So I didn't have much time to do this look so it's a bit rushed but here is a dead zombie/demon! Not sure where I was going with this, I just kind of just went with it. Let's get started on this super easy look! Firstly I painted a little circle in liquid latex where… Continue reading Head Shot (19/31)


Split Personality (8/31)

Okay, so this is my new favourite look! I've seen a few different Frankenstein inspired make-up looks going around so I thought I'd try one of my own! Let's get started! First with a clean bare face I took a white pencil liner and make the line down my face where I wanted the 'cut'… Continue reading Split Personality (8/31)