31 Days of Halloween 2019

Fiona! (25/31)

(All photos are taken and edited by me. Hair, eyes and background is edited). If you didn't read the title of this in Shrek's voice then I'm very disappointed! This is one of my favourite looks I've ever done and I look hella cute green! Might just stay this green for life! Let's get started!… Continue reading Fiona! (25/31)


Snake Lady (28/31)

Today's look I did on my cousin cause I'm in a massive rush and she needed it for work. It's a similar technique to the Pisces makeup so let's get started! We used the Collection concealer under her eyes and then used her Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation in her skin colour. For her brows… Continue reading Snake Lady (28/31)


A pop of colour

For years I've been into make-up but one thing I never do is leave my comfort zone. I'm very particular on what colours and techniques I like on my face so today I thought I'd do something a little different. I was convinced to buy this bright green eye pencil the other day, thinking I'd… Continue reading A pop of colour