Pretty in Pink

I'm back with another make-up look! Apologies for not being on here so much, we've had a busy few weeks! I went to puppy-sit in Chiang Mai and whilst I thought I could get a lot done, I was spending all my time making sure she wasn't eating something she shouldn't be in the garden!… Continue reading Pretty in Pink


Pink and Turquoise Look

I'm back with another look! This was inspired by Keilidh again, but didn't really turn out like hers, just similar colours! I do love these two colours together though, I've never paired them before! So let's get started! I started with the Maybelline Fit Me concealer for all my blemishes, my skin is still testing… Continue reading Pink and Turquoise Look

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Coachella Festival Look

So with festival season finally starting with Coachella I thought I would do a festival inspired look. I've never done a spotlight look like this before, as I have quite hooded lids so I didn't think it would look as good on me. But I'm quite proud with how it turned out! So I'll explain… Continue reading Coachella Festival Look


Glam Skull (12/21)

  So I thought you guys might be sick of seeing my face so I got my best friend, Alex, in to help me today.  She has a ridiculously amazing bone structure so I thought I’d utilise that and do a glam skull on her! This is inspired by the beautiful Giulianna Maria, check out… Continue reading Glam Skull (12/21)


Pisces (6/31)

So during my 31 Days of Halloween I wanted to do a few different horoscope looks! I won't be doing them all but don't be sad if I don't do yours in October, I'll do it afterwards! So first is Pisces, the fish. People who are Pisces are compassionate, artistic, wise and gentle. But they're… Continue reading Pisces (6/31)


Two of a kind

It's glitter time! I absolutely love messing around with glitters and festival looks, and even though festival season is quickly coming to an end I thought I would do a look anyways, I mean who can't be tempted with glitter! I didn't have a particular idea for this look I just completely went with the… Continue reading Two of a kind


A pop of colour

For years I've been into make-up but one thing I never do is leave my comfort zone. I'm very particular on what colours and techniques I like on my face so today I thought I'd do something a little different. I was convinced to buy this bright green eye pencil the other day, thinking I'd… Continue reading A pop of colour