Goodbye 2019!

Hey guys, it's been a while! The last I posted was all of my Halloween looks and even before then I haven't done a chatty post in a while. A lot has happened in the last half of this year, some of it bad and some of it good but I thought I'd do a… Continue reading Goodbye 2019!

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Slytherin Soul (2/31)

This look is inspired by none other than the queen Keilidh MUA. She is absolutely killing it at the moment and I can't wait to see what she does this month. She's done this look quite recently and I fell in love immediately. Mine doesn't look much like hers but I thought I'd give it… Continue reading Slytherin Soul (2/31)

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Life Update! Family Visit and New Beginnings!

It's been a while since I've done a talky blog post and what a better time than now! I haven't really been on social media or my blog much this month because I've had a lot going on in my life! On 27th August my mum, dad and brother flew out to visit me in… Continue reading Life Update! Family Visit and New Beginnings!

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A-Z of Just Sarah

Hey everyone! I've seen a few people doing this and I've only ever introduced myself when I started my blog over a year ago! Since then I've gained a few more lovely followers so I thought I'd do a little get to know me in the style of A-Z! It was harder than I thought… Continue reading A-Z of Just Sarah

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An Amazing Week in Thailand!

So I've been a bit MIA recently and I apologise, but I had the craziest few days ever! Last week Skye and I got surprised by his mum and her friend Sally for a few days here in Hua Hin. We had no idea they were coming to visit and they'd booked us all 2… Continue reading An Amazing Week in Thailand!


Sarah and Skye- Wales Vlog Day 2

On Day 2 we woke up early, and started packing up all of our things at our little BnB in Abergele. It was a nice little house and was very accommodating, with everything that you need! We then drove to Welsh Mountain Zoo which was about 15-20 minutes away. Check out the Day 2 vlog… Continue reading Sarah and Skye- Wales Vlog Day 2

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What Now?

I am officially finished with education. What a scary sentence. I've been in some sort of education for 16 years of my life and now it's all over. Do I feel like I've learnt enough to become an adult? Absolutely not. But have I enjoyed those 16 years. Definitely yes. Call me whatever but I… Continue reading What Now?

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Just Sarah WHO?

So, I've been putting this off for so long, I think it's just because I don't know how to introduce myself. I wanted to write something that made me sound cool and mysterious all at once but I thought about it too much and turned it into someone who didn't sound like me at all… Continue reading Just Sarah WHO?