31 Days of Halloween 2019

What Lies Beneath (9/31)

(All photos taken and edited by me. Hair, eyes and background are edited). One of the first skulls I've painted for this years Halloween! This is inspired by the lovely Fancy Flutie on Instagram! Her work is crazy good! Let's get started! I first started with white face paint to draw the outline of everything on my… Continue reading What Lies Beneath (9/31)

31 days of halloween, Beauty

Favourites (29/31)

So today I did a look and I didn't like it so check out some of favourites from this month instead! I can't believe there's only 3 days left, so have a look at my favourites! The Mask (13/31) Galaxy Queen (1/31) Neon Skull 2.0 (11/31) Cruella de Vil (14/31) I'll see you tomorrow like… Continue reading Favourites (29/31)

31 days of halloween, Beauty

Neon Skull 2.0 (11/31)

One of my favourite looks to date! This is inspired by the Queen of skulls herself, The Wigs and Makeup Manager! Her skills are seriously insane and you have to check her out! I also did a Neon Skull last year and it was one of my most popular looks so I wanted to try… Continue reading Neon Skull 2.0 (11/31)


Neon Skull (9/31)

My posts are going to start being a little bit later in the day because I just managed to grab myself a job (woo!) but I won't be behind don't worry! For today here is my version of the Neon Skull that is huge on instagram right now! I got my inspiration from the beautiful Anneesor on… Continue reading Neon Skull (9/31)