31 Days of Halloween 2019, Make-up

Zombie (26/31)

(All photos taken and edited by me. Eyes and background are edited). I wanted to try my hand at some quite gory things during this Halloween and the first one I did was this creepy half zombie. I even made the fake teeth! First I blocked out my eyebrow on the side where the zombie… Continue reading Zombie (26/31)

31 Days of Halloween 2019, Make-up

Hanahaki Disease (5/31)

(All photos are edited by me. The eyes, hair and background are edited but the makeup hasn't been edited). I actually found the inspiration for this disease on Instagram. I'd never heard of it before but it's very popular within fandoms. Hanahaki Disease is a fictional disease in which the victim coughs up flower petals… Continue reading Hanahaki Disease (5/31)

31 Days of Halloween 2019, Make-up

They Are Among Us ( 2/31)

(All photos are taken and edited by me. Eyes, hair and background are edited but the makeup is not edited). This was the first look I filmed for 31 Days of Halloween! I took the inspiration from the Area 51 scandal which was so popular! It was huge on Instagram so I thought I'd give… Continue reading They Are Among Us ( 2/31)


Pretty in Pink

I'm back with another make-up look! Apologies for not being on here so much, we've had a busy few weeks! I went to puppy-sit in Chiang Mai and whilst I thought I could get a lot done, I was spending all my time making sure she wasn't eating something she shouldn't be in the garden!… Continue reading Pretty in Pink


Sunrise Makeup Look

I'm back with another makeup look after a while! And of course it's another spotlight eye, I just can't get enough of them! It's also great to practise so I can get better and better at them. I wanted to the complete opposite of the blue spotlight I did last week so check out this… Continue reading Sunrise Makeup Look


NYX Ultimate Brights Eyeshadow Palette

Back with another makeup tutorial! I'm gonna change up how I write these a little bit, because I do the same face routine every time because I use the same limited products! So I'm just going to list what I use instead except my eyes! Face: Nivea Moisteriser L'Oreal Infallible Primer Maybelline Fit Me Concealer… Continue reading NYX Ultimate Brights Eyeshadow Palette


Pink and Turquoise Look

I'm back with another look! This was inspired by Keilidh again, but didn't really turn out like hers, just similar colours! I do love these two colours together though, I've never paired them before! So let's get started! I started with the Maybelline Fit Me concealer for all my blemishes, my skin is still testing… Continue reading Pink and Turquoise Look


Keilidh MUA Inspired Look

This look is inspired by one of my favourite creators ever, Keilidh Cashell! She's an absolute beaut, who does really funny YouTube videos and the most perfect makeup! I'm obsessed with her Instagram that you can check out here, and her YouTube channel that you can see here! I thought today I would recreate one… Continue reading Keilidh MUA Inspired Look

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Coachella Festival Look

So with festival season finally starting with Coachella I thought I would do a festival inspired look. I've never done a spotlight look like this before, as I have quite hooded lids so I didn't think it would look as good on me. But I'm quite proud with how it turned out! So I'll explain… Continue reading Coachella Festival Look


Sunset Inspired Look

I'm back with another look! I've realised they might become a bit repetitive after this as I have only brought a selection on makeup to Thailand with me but I'll make it work! I was inspired for this look by the talented Hayley Mullender go and check her out! Let's get started!  Firstly I primed… Continue reading Sunset Inspired Look