31 Days of Halloween 2019

Pop Art Zombie (11/31)

(All photos taken and edited by me. Hair, eyes and background are edited). This was a huuuge paint job but I'd seen so many going around that I thought I'd give it a go! This one is inspired by the beautiful¬†nikahauptman! I started off using the white Nyx eyeliner to draw where I want each… Continue reading Pop Art Zombie (11/31)

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Colourful Clown (28/31)

Todays look is inspired by the amazing Penelope Gwen MUA! I've been so obssessed with her lately and this Halloween look she did was insane. It's so different from my normal style but I really enjoyed trying it out! The tutorial I followed is here! The first thing I did was use the L'Oreal primer… Continue reading Colourful Clown (28/31)

31 days of halloween, Beauty

Dark Elf (15/31)

I've already done a good fairy so now I chose to do the opposite and go for a dark elf. I used the ears that I made last time so if you want to see how we made them, check out this look-¬†Pixie of the Forest (6/31). But lets get started on this one! I… Continue reading Dark Elf (15/31)

31 days of halloween, Beauty

Black Swan (12/31)

I decided to do quite a simple look today that doesn't use loads of products and is quite easy to achieve. Inspired obviously by the Black Swan! Lets get started! I started with the Maybelline Fit Me concealer on all of my blemishes and used the Fenty Beauty foundation all over my face. I then… Continue reading Black Swan (12/31)

31 days of halloween, Beauty

Pixie of the Forest (6/31)

Not going to lie I've always wanted to try out elf ears, so this year I made my dream a reality! Can you believe that these are also homemade (by my amazing and patient boyfriend!) Let's get started! Firstly to make the ears I just used air drying clay. That's one thing that there is… Continue reading Pixie of the Forest (6/31)

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Makeup I Packed to Move to Thailand!

For this blog post I thought I'd show the makeup that I packed for moving to Thailand. As much as I'd have loved to, I wouldn't have been able to bring all of my makeup so had to go through it all and decide the minimum I needed to bring. To some people even this… Continue reading Makeup I Packed to Move to Thailand!


Red Cut Crease

I'm back with the make-up looks! It's been a while but because we've moved to Thailand I didn't think I'd be carrying on with makeup as much. I haven't brought loads out with me but I can make do with what I've got! I might do a post/video about what make-up I did bring! But… Continue reading Red Cut Crease