31 Days of Halloween 2019, Make-up

Zombie (26/31)

(All photos taken and edited by me. Eyes and background are edited). I wanted to try my hand at some quite gory things during this Halloween and the first one I did was this creepy half zombie. I even made the fake teeth! First I blocked out my eyebrow on the side where the zombie… Continue reading Zombie (26/31)

31 Days of Halloween 2019, Make-up

Pop Art Zombie (11/31)

(All photos taken and edited by me. Hair, eyes and background are edited). This was a huuuge paint job but I'd seen so many going around that I thought I'd give it a go! This one is inspired by the beautiful nikahauptman! I started off using the white Nyx eyeliner to draw where I want each… Continue reading Pop Art Zombie (11/31)

31 Days of Halloween 2018, Make-up

Infected (25/31)

I finally found fake blood and liquid latex! It only took me 25 days! I'm so happy to finally get my gore on and I started with this zombie bite. I made the bite out of foam clay and applied it to my chest with some liquid latex. I then surrounded it with tissue and… Continue reading Infected (25/31)

31 Days of Halloween 2017, Make-up

Head Shot (19/31)

So I didn't have much time to do this look so it's a bit rushed but here is a dead zombie/demon! Not sure where I was going with this, I just kind of just went with it. Let's get started on this super easy look! Firstly I painted a little circle in liquid latex where… Continue reading Head Shot (19/31)